Superior Battery

Superior Battery

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Free Delivery & Installation

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2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty

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Toll-Free Customer Support

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Can You Save with Solar Panels?

– Yes. You are essentially trading your electricity bill for a smaller bill. Your savings amount may be impacted by the price of electricity and active solar incentive programs.

What are the top benefits of installing a solar energy system?

Cost-Effective: Reduced electricity cost and makes a predictable electric bill.

Home Value: Can increase the property value when it’s a solar panel system purchase. By reducing our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy from the utility company, we can prevent the release of air pollutants that are harmful to both the environment and public health.

Provides Protection: Solar panels can provide protection for your roof, and from the sun. Solar carports, for example, can provide shade and a covered parking lot for cars. Reduction of energy demand on your power grid during peak demand times.

Low Maintenance: Solar systems typically require very little maintenance; they are incredibly durable and easily accessible for service and repair.

Will installing solar panels damage my roof?

It shouldn’t. The technology has gotten much better where the chance of this happening is much less than before. If there is an issue, it is typically during the installation and workmanship warranties are offered by the company who sold you the solar PV system.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are built and installed to endure harsh and unpredictable weather conditions, even in situations with lots of snow, rain, and wind. Only in the most extreme cases like places with lots of hurricanes, solar panels may not hold up very well. But that could also be said for the condition of the home as a whole..

Solar panels are typically guaranteed to last for 25 years but can last for more than 40 years. Even after 25 years, your solar panels would still produce 75-80% of its original performance. Not only will your solar panels last for decades, but it will also continue to perform highly.